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Types of Toes and What They Reveal About Your Personality

Ever look at your toes and wonder if they mean something? Well, you're in luck! Read below to see how the shape of your toes can relate to your personality!

1. Egyptian Toes

This represents when the big toe is the longest and the toes next to them get shorter as you get to the pinky toe. People with Egyptian Toes typically have friendly personalities and are well liked. People with the Egyptian Toes also enjoy being pampered and taken care of.

2. Greek Toes

This can also be called “Flame Toes” where the second toe is larger than the big toe. People who have these kinds of toes are extremely sporty, creative and are extremely impulsive which can mean they are always up to mischief- but always fun to be around!

3. Peasant Toes

This is when all 5 toes are the same length. Generally, people with peasant toes are incredibly thoughtful, patient and are extremely honest. You want these people around to help resolve conflict.

4. Extra Small Toes

This can be sometimes confused with the Egyptian Toes except the pinky toe is much smaller than the rest. Typically, someone with Extra Small Toes are very carefree, open and rebellious. They have a playful personality and don’t like to be bored, or deal with responsibilities.

5. Wide-Set Toes

Typically, those with Wide-Set Toes mean they have a lot of space between them and they can stretch their toes very far apart. These people are travelers, they are wanders and always crave new and want exciting experiences.

6. Stretched Toes

Stretch toes are where the big toe is strays from the other toes, which are close together. These people are very independent and typically can play devil’s advocate in any situation.

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